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Coming up with ideas for Roll Rage

21st September 2014
The 10 games built into Roll Rage came from a small project that turned out much larger than I anticipated. I created around 15 mockup designs for the game and looking back at those now, only three made it into the final cut. Here how some of the ideas came about.


Survival was the first game in the series that I worked on. Originally, I thought it would be great for a player to time how fast they could roll from between each spaceship beam X number of times. I then introduced a death penalty for over-rolling, which would prevent players from aimlessly tilting their device. In the end, I scrapped the timer and turned it into a score-based game. The hardest part was coming up with the graphics to fit in the gameplay, because all I had was placeholders. As a result, Survival game was the last to get the graphics treatment.

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